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BSL: Are you deaf or hard of hearing?

In Carmarthenshire there are a range of services available to help people with a sensory impairment keep as much independence and control over their lives as possible.

This page tells you about these services and how to find out more about them.

What is Sensory Impairment?

Sensory impairment is the term used to describe disabilities such as:

  • Deaf/hearing impaired
  • Blind/visually impaired
  • Deafblind (dual sensory impaired)

If you are deaf or hearing impaired you may be experiencing frustrating problems at home. Perhaps you need to have the television on too loud or perhaps you don’t always hear the telephone or doorbell ring. You may be finding it difficult hearing what someone is saying on the telephone or there may be some other practical difficulties caused by your hearing problems.

If any of these situations apply to you then the Social Care, Health & Housing Department may be able to help with the provision of specialist equipment.

If you are profoundly deaf you may find that a vibrating pager system or flashing light may be more suited to your needs. Equipment like this can alert you to callers at the door or the phone ringing. Such systems can also be connected to your existing smoke detector.

If you experience difficulty in accessing services because of hearing impairment we have trained staff who may be able to help you. If needed, we can help you to access a Sign Language Interpreter, Lip-Speaker, or other communication support at any important appointments you may have.

A social work service in sign language is also available.

If you are severely or profoundly deaf and experience frequent difficulties with communication, we can advise you regarding any benefits to which you may be entitled. We can provide you with information about the various Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafblind clubs in the area, as well as lip reading classes. Transport may be provided in some cases.

If you are deafblind we can advise you on the services, both national and local, that are available to support you.

How can I contact you?

You can contact our officers on the numbers below:

  • Careline + on 01267 224466
  • Minicom: 01558 824349
  • For hearing impaired children please phone your nearest Children's Disability Team: 01267 246400

Other organisations that can help include:

  • Ammanford Hard of Hearing Group 01269 594741
  • Carmarthen & District Hearing Impaired Group 01267 235503
  • Llanelli Deaf Club 01554 759214 | llanellideafclub@googlemail.com
  • Llanelli Hard of Hearing Club 01554 770770
  • Action on Hearing Loss Cymru 0808 808 0123
  • British Deaf Association 0207 697 4140
  • Deafblind UK 0800 132320
  • Sense Cymru 0300 330 9280
  • Wales Council for Deaf People 01443 485687
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