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BSL: Protecting vulnerable adults from abuse

Any vulnerable adult, man or woman, can experience abuse or be at risk of abuse in their own homes, care homes, day services or hospitals.

If you are being abused, or are concerned that someone you know may be at risk of abuse, you should speak to someone about it. Information and advice will be offered so that the person and their family can decide what practical help they need or what action they wish to take. If they are unable to make a decision, care will be taken to support and protect them.

Who can I contact?

  • If you are being abused, or are concerned that someone you know may be at risk of abuse, you should contact Careline, on 01267 224466. Careline will answer your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If you, or the person being abused, is in immediate danger, you should telephone the Police on 999.
  • For advice you can contact the Safeguarding Team on 01267 228944, between 9 and 5 on Monday to Thursday, or 9 and 4.30 on Fridays
  • Alternatively, you can write to the Safeguarding Team at:
    Safeguarding Team, 3 Spilman Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1LE
  • Or email: Safeguarding@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

What happens then?

What you tell us will be treated sensitively. You will be given advice and support. Sometimes we may need to gather more information, and may need to liaise with other agencies such as Health Services or Police.

What is abuse?

If you, or any vulnerable adult you know, is mistreated, harmed or taken advantage of, in any of the following ways:

  • Physical abuse, such as hitting, shaking or misusing medication;
  • Sexual abuse, such as forcing someone into unwanted sexual activity;
  • Emotional or psychological abuse such as intimidation or humiliation;
  • Financial abuse, such as stealing someone's money or fraud;
  • Neglect, such as ignoring medical or physical care needs.

Here are some other organisations who may be able to offer advice or assistance:

  • Women's Aid Amman Valley 01269 597474
  • Carmarthen Domestic Abuse Services 01267 238410
  • Women's Aid Llanelli 01554 752422
  • Community Advice & Listening Line 0800 132737
  • Shelter Cymru 0808 800 4444
  • Samaritans 0845 790 9090
  • Relate 01792 480 088
  • Age Cymru Sir Gar 01554 784080
  • Victim Support 0845 30 30 900
  • Action on Elder Abuse Helpline 0808 8088141
  • Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales 0300 062 888
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