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Health and Safety

Each year we consider the full range of interventions at our disposal for managing health and safety risks in the community. We do this by:

Proactive interventions:

  • Partnership working
  • Motivating senior managers
  • Working with the supply chain
  • Looking at design and supply
  • Sector and industry wide initiatives
  • Working with those at risk
  • Education and awareness
  • Inspections (restricted to category A premises only)
  • Working with intermediaries
  • Following best practice
  • Recognising good performance

Reactive interventions:

  • Incident and ill-health investigations
  • Dealing with issues of concern that are raised and complaints

Each year we seek to identify and outline areas in which we set our priorities and look to deliver a manageable number of interventions, typically in higher-risk areas.

In determining our priorities, consideration will be given to both the diversity of individual businesses and actual work activities where differing levels of hazard and risk are clearly apparent depending on the nature of the work undertaken.

There are a range of work activities, where the level of risk is either inherently low and/or the duty holders manage the residual risk so well, that the risk profile of the business/sector does not warrant further proactive intervention by regulators.

In considering the topic to be addressed, we choose the most appropriate health and safety intervention with the view of achieving the desired outcomes. The proper use of non-inspection interventions can potentially achieve better overall outcomes than inspections alone and may be just as resource intensive. 

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides a comprehensive range of advice and guidance on all matters relating to health and safety in the workplace. You can search via topic or industry sector

Current initiatives

In conjunction with general inspections of workplaces we carry out 'project work' based around the HSE's Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy and locally identified workplace safety and health issues. These initiatives complement our statutory inspection and enforcement work.

Whilst many of these initiatives are based on advice and guidance for businesses, where breaches of health and safety law are identified and people are at risk we will consider taking appropriate enforcement action. 

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