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Social Lettings Agency

If you own a property that you’d like to rent out, our Social Lettings Agency is worth a look.

Homes that are available to rent as part of our Social Lettings Agency are promoted as part of our housing options service.

We offer a full management service for 8% of the monthly rental income. Registration is free and you benefit from the following service:

  • A housing health and safety rating system assessment of your property which will include a schedule of works for any recommendations
  • Your property will be recognised on our accreditation scheme
  • Referrals of potential tenants
  • Tenants affordability/suitability assessment
  • Secure direct payment of Housing Benefits
  • Dedicated member of staff should you have any issues
  • One month rent arrear guarantee and a month deposit bond underwritten by us
  • Digitally photographed inventory
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Quarterly inspections to ensure that the property is being kept in good condition ensuring the tenant is having no difficulties during the tenancy
  • No renewal charges if the tenant remains past the initial tenancy period
  • Exit inspection when a tenancy ends to ensure your property is left in good condition
  • Advice on potential property grants (homes that have been vacant for more than six months or have been hard to let can benefit from a £1k incentive grant).
  • Vetting of potential tenants to ensure they are suitable for your property
  • Tenant support to ensure the tenancy is being conducted smoothly

All properties are let at or below Local Housing Allowance Levels. These rents are set annually by the Welsh Government and reviewed on April 1.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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