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When planning your event you need to consider whether any of the activities taking place will need to be authorised by a permit or licence. Some authorisations may take several months to obtain so it is important to consider them at an early stage when planning your event.

If your event is to include:

  • Sale or supply of alcohol
  • Regulated entertainment, which is:
    • Performance of a play
    • Film exhibitions
    • Indoor sporting events
    • Boxing or wrestling entertainment
    • Performance of live music
    • Playing of recorded music
    • Performance of dance or entertainment of a similar description
  • The sale of hot food or drink on or off the premises between 11pm to 5am.

It will need to be authorised by either a temporary event notice (TEN) or premises licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003.

Temporary Event Notices are not suitable for all events because of certain limitations, including those that have an audience of more than 499 people.

A premises licence application can take up to two months to process and is significantly more costly than a TEN.

If you are intending to hold an event using the licences held by one or more premises, we advise you to contact us to confirm that the licence covers the relevant activities and area. 

There are some exemptions for entertainment provided in certain circumstances. Contact us to discuss whether any exemptions apply to your event.

Before doing so, you may find it useful to read the Government’s most recent entertainment licensing guidance.

Events are sometimes used as venues to raise money for good causes. If you are arranging for individuals to raise money by collecting donations on the street, or by calling from house to house, then an appropriate Street Collection permit or House to House collection permit is required.

Read more about charitable collection permits.

The registration and sale of raffle tickets is controlled under the Gambling Act and there are rules governing the sale of tickets, including prohibiting sales in the street. 

Read more about licensing and exemptions for lottery registrations.

A number of streets in Carmarthenshire are subject to trading controls. If your event includes stalls or traders being located on any street, pedestrian precinct or shopping centre, we advise you to contact us to discuss.

Read more about street trading licences.

To help you gather relevant information about your event, we have made some templates available as a general guide.  You may wish to obtain your own independant advice as well as accessing other sources of information - such as those provided below.

The Event Safety Planning Guide includes example fire risk assessment templates, outdoor catering checklists, water supply checklists as well as links to a variety of other guidance.

If your event includes licensable activities you will most likely need to provide an appropriate event management plan to accompany your application.


To ensure people attending or working at your event are safe, and to ensure the event does not affect others adversely, we have an events safety advisory group, made up of officers from relevant council departments as well as the police, fire and ambulance.

Your event management plan will be reviewed by the group. For larger or new events, you may be asked to meet the group in person to discuss your proposed management plan.

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Are you an event organiser?

We aim to support organisers of all events through our “Event Organisers Circle” initiative. The scheme aims to encourage joint working and networking between event organisers as well as providing training and support to improve the overall events programme for the County.

The circle and its activities are free of charge to all members.

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Page updated on: 22/12/2017

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