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Cycling and other activities

The cycling market is now widely acknowledged as one of Wales’ most significant offers for tourism, benefiting from world class landscapes, heritage, attractions and facilities. As the cycling market is growing rapidly and as demand rises, Carmarthenshire is taking advantage by providing new routes and facilities for potential visitors and has made significant developments in improving the opportunities for cyclists.

These have included:

  • Brechfa – Mountain biking
  • Millennium Coastal Park
  • Towy Valley Cycle Corridor
  • Carmarthen Velodrome
  • Sustrans Celtic Trails 4 & 47
  • Carmarthenshire Cycling Events, which are now a feature in the cycling calendar,Battle of the Beaches at Pembrey Country Park and the Merlin Sportif

Properly packaged and promoted the adventure and activity product will provide strong reasons for new and repeat visits. Cycling is big business - and it’s likely to increase in its volume and diversity.

Carmarthenshire is a world class outdoor activity tourism destination. Our mountains , coastline, beaches , rivers and lakes provide an unrivalled backdrop to a wide range of activities including walking, kayaking, fishing, horseriding, mountain biking and golf.

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According to the latest Great Britain Tourism Survey (June 2015), cycling is worth £90 million to the Welsh economy through daily visits and overnight stays. Around 300,000 overnight visits to Wales each year involve cycling and/or mountain biking with an annual worth between £55 and £60 million. But it’s not just overnight stays - there are an increasing number of day visits involving cyclists, and whilst these visitors will generally spend less than those staying overnight, they nevertheless represent an important market for food and refreshments.

Equally, many visitors are choosing to visit attractions such as country parks and castles on bike - provided of course that there are facilities there to meet their needs in terms of security, repairs etc. And research shows that cyclists spend a lot ! According to recent research by Mintel, the bike is simply the tip of the iceberg as today’s cyclists are splashing out more on cycling accessories than the bikes themselves. While UK sales of bikes only were set to top the £1bn mark by the end of 2015, Britons were expected spend an even more impressive £1.35bn on cycle accessories.

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