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Destination Management Plan

The purpose of the Carmarthenshire Destination Management Plan (DMP) for Carmarthenshire is to clarify what is important to get right for the future, to shape policy and priorities, to steer resources and to form the basis for people, businesses and organisations to work together to achieve common goals.

Aims of Carmarthenshire’s Destination Management Plan

The Carmarthenshire destination management plan includes a series of elements that are designed to take place over a particular period of time to fulfil the vision and identifies the agreed roles of different stakeholders and the actions they will undertake.
The Destination Management Action Plan sets realistic targets for economic impact and seeks to prioritise scarce resources so that they can be used to best effect. It sets out a phased programme of projects and actions that are needed to overcome the weaknesses and threats, whilst capitalising on the strengths and opportunities to achieve sustainable growth in tourism.

The purpose of the Carmarthenshire Destination Management Plan (DMP) is to develop a prosperous visitor economy in Carmarthenshire based on its unique strengths and character, which generates higher spend and local income, enhances its image and reputation and improves the quality of life for local communities.

The DMP includes a series of programmes that are designed to make the most of Carmarthenshire’s visitor product strengths and to identify and address any deficiencies in the visitor offer.

The objectives of the Destination Management Plan are as follows:

  • Providing clear ‘reasons to visit’ and deliver compelling, unique, memorable and high quality visitor experiences.
  • Creating a clear positioning for the county in the context of the country.
  • Harnessing the collective strengths of all businesses and organisations that have a role in supporting the visitor economy.
  • Defining Carmarthenshire’s unique tourism promise/offer and attracting new and existing visitors to the town through innovative and cost-effective marketing.
  • Improving access to and within Carmarthenshire to encourage better visitor flow, longer stays and higher spend.
  • Ensure the highest standards of customer service.
  • Maximising visitor spend and income retention to the local economy.
  • Improving customer satisfaction to encourage longer and repeat visits, higher spend and levels of positive recommendation.
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement, value for money, best practice, learning and sustainability.
  • Identifying measures of success and monitoring performance.

Download a copy of the Carmarthenshire Destination Management Plan (.pdf)

Page updated on: 17/05/2017

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