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Tourism priorities

The Carmarthenshire destination management plan includes a series of elements that are designed to take place over a particular period of time to fulfil the vision and identifies the agreed roles of different stakeholders and the actions they will undertake.

The Destination Management Action Plan sets realistic targets for economic impact and seeks to prioritise scarce resources so that they can be used to best effect. It sets out a phased programme of projects and actions that are needed to overcome the weaknesses and threats, whilst capitalising on the strengths and opportunities to achieve sustainable growth in tourism.

The Carmarthenshire Destination Management Partnership steering group have responsibilities and accountabilities to deliver the 4 key priorities.

The identification of the priorities for Carmarthenshire enables key stakeholders to reach agreement on where to focus resources and responsibilities in the future to achieve growth in tourism. Partnerships between the public, private and third sectors have been established, together they are committed to ensuring its success.

These priorities have been identified as they are relevant to the current growth markets and enable the partnership to deliver against measurable outputs.

Page updated on: 17/05/2017

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