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Performance Management

Performance Management is how we measure our performance; we use this information to identify areas of concern which require further improvement as well as acknowledging and promoting areas of high performance and success.

Where a need to make improvements is identified we would then develop an action to plan to deliver these improvements. The main aim of performance management is to help services to achieve better outcomes.

Without reliable, timely and accurate performance management information, it is difficult for residents, members, scrutiny bodies and officers to know:

  • How the Council is performing
  • Where services can be developed
  • Are the Council’s key priorities being achieved?

This information needs to be easily accessible, open and meaningful to members of the public and scrutiny bodies. It is necessary for regular statements on performance to be answerable to the wider community to show our local residents and businesses how their local taxes are being spent.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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