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Council Tax Reduction (CTR)

Council Tax Reduction replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013. In Wales, responsibility to provide a replacement scheme was given to Welsh Government but it is administered by local councils. The scheme ensures that households in Wales continue to be provided with support in paying their council tax bills.

The Council Tax Reduction scheme continues to be closely based on the previous council tax benefit rules. At the moment, the maximum amount of help available under the new scheme is 100% of the charge but this may change in the coming years.

You could be eligible if you’re on a low income or claim benefits with the Department for Work and Pensions or Pension Service. You can apply if you own your home, you pay rent, are unemployed or working. Your bill could be reduced by up to 100%.

What you get depends on:

  • your circumstances (e.g. income, number of children, benefits, residency status, disability)
  • your household income - this includes savings, pensions and your partner’s income
  • if your children live with you
  • if other adults live with you

If you wish to apply for Council Tax Reduction please download an application form or contact us at the address below.

If you pay rent you should complete a Housing Benefit application form – this form covers both.

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Page updated on: 28/02/2017

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