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How to appeal

When we make a decision, we send you a letter that tells you how your Council Tax Reduction was worked out. The letter will also tell you the start and end dates of your claim. 

If you are the person who claimed Council Tax Reduction and you think a decision that we have made about your reduction is incorrect you should write and tell us:

  • which decision you disagree with
  • the reasons why you disagree with it

You must do this within one month of the date of our decision letter.

If you are still not happy with the decision you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal for Wales.  Your appeal must be made in writing.  You cannot appeal to the tribunal by phone or email. Your appeal to the Valuations Tribunal must be made within two months of our reply to your letter.

You can also appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if you have not received a reply from us within 2 months of sending your letter. You must do this no later than four months from the date you wrote to us if we have not replied to your letter.

The Valuation Tribunal (VT) for Wales is an independent organisation that deals with appeals about Non-Domestic Rates and Council Tax.

The Valuation Tribunal is independent of both the Valuation Officer (VO) and the billing authority.

More information about appealing against the amount of Council Tax Reduction you have been allowed can be found on the Valuation Tribunal website.

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Page updated on: 14/11/2016

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