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Career in childcare

Children need a variety of positive role models and good influences. What childcare workers have in common is their patience, enthusiasm, dedication and understanding.

Childcare includes:

  • Full Day Care
  • Sessional Care
  • Out of School Care / Holiday care
  • Childminding services.  

If you are thinking of running your own childcare business or starting a career in childcare there are a number of opportunities available to you.

Could you offer a caring and inspirational environment for children? Are you looking for a rewarding career? Do you want to work from home?
Would you like help and support with starting your own business?

Childminding is a highly rewarding career for those who enjoy working with children and are passionate about giving children the best start in life.  Childminding is an ideal career for people who want a job that will fit in with their family commitments whilst making a real difference to other families by giving parents the opportunity to return to work, training or education. 

Although every day as a childminder will vary a standard day might include:

  • taking children outdoors in the local community to parks, play groups, libraries or to meet other childminders or school pick-ups.
  • providing creative, exciting and stimulating learning activities for children.
  • support children’s learning by embracing the principles of the Foundation Phase in Wales.

If you provide paid childcare for children under 8, for more than two hours a day, you are required by law to register with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW). 

Before you are able to register, you will need to complete:

  • a compulsory home-based childcare course,
  • first aid training
  • CSSIW application
  • Policies and procedures

You will also need to:

  • show that you can meet the required set standards. 
  • undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS)
  • have a home inspection to make sure it is safe and suitable for care of children. 

If you live in rented accommodation, you will need written permission from your landlord. CSSIW will set a maximum number of children that you are able to care for at any one time, up to a maximum of six children under 8, of which usually no more than three may be under school age.  These numbers will include your own children if you have any.

The Family Information, Childcare and Play team provide on-going guidance, one-to-one advice, support and mentoring, to help with CSSIW registration, as well as providing a wide variety of training courses, and keeping childminders updated with the latest information.  You may be entitled to a start up grant which will include:

  • Public Liability Insurance for one year
  • Necessary training
  • A business package which will help you set up your own childminding service.

If you would like further information on training, funding packages, how to begin the registration process or just an informal chat, please call the Family Information, Childcare and Play team on 01267 246555.

If you are interested in setting up a day nursery in Carmarthenshire please contact Avril Chambers, Childcare Development Officer on 01267 246552.

The Family Information, Childcare and Play team will be able to direct and advise you on what provision already exists in the area and provide support and guidance of the process involved.

The Family Information, Childcare and Play team facilitates and co-ordinates training to meet the needs of registered childcarers within Carmarthenshire.  They provide subsidised training to support childcare workers in meeting the standards set out by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW), i.e. compulsory courses such as First Aid and Basic Food Hygiene training.

The training also supports the personal development of childcare workers.  After a successful pilot of an online Child Protection Course, this course is now available to all childcare workers. We welcome feedback from childcarers, so that we can identify gaps in training needs, and tailor courses to meet their specific needs.

The Family Information, Chilcare and Play team believe that through offering quality childcare and education and promoting qualified well trained staff, children and families in the communities will benefit.

To find out about future courses please phone the Family Information, Childcare and Play team Training Officer on 01267 246555 or www.fis.carmarthenshire.gov.uk for a list of courses available.

Carmarthenshire Family Information Service (FIS) can also provide more information on a career in childcare. They welcome calls from those currently running a childcare business or hoping to set one up and from students and/or people looking into childcare as a career option.

For an overview of existing childcare provision you can also view their Childcare Sufficiency Assessment which shows areas where childcare need exists.

Email: childreninfo@carmarthenshire.gov.uk | Tel: 01267 246555

Page updated on: 16/08/2016

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