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Child employment

If my child has a National Insurance Number can they work full time?

If a child has been issued with a National Insurance Number this DOES NOT mean that the child/young person can leave school and work full time. A child is of compulsory school age until the last Friday in June of the school year in which he/she reaches his/her 16th birthday.

What age can school children work?

Children must be 13 years old to undertake any part-time work. The forms below are for use by parents/guardians/employers when applying for the necessary work permit for 13-16 yr olds who wish to engage in part time work whilst they are still of compulsory school age.

It is against the law to work without a permit whether the work is paid or unpaid and there are hours and duties which they may and may not undertake, anything outside this criteria is against the law. 


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Once the application form is completed and returned to us for approval, the employer will receive a laminated permit which they must keep in a place of safety, and the child will also receive a work permit card.

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For further information on child employment please contact the Education Welfare Team on 01554 742369.

Page updated on: 18/01/2017

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