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Life as a foster carer

Foster BearLife as a foster carer is extremely rewarding. Being able to provide a caring, loving and stable family environment for a child or young person in need to enable them to have the best possible future is simply priceless.

Whether you foster on a short term, long term or a more permanent basis, becoming a foster carer is so much more than a career, it’s a commitment to care for and help change a child’s life forever, for the better. It’s about giving them a chance to fulfil their potential in life as every child and young person deserves. We understand and appreciate being a foster parent can naturally at times be challenging - but with the right support available and the rewards of helping that child and seeing them develop will far outweigh anything else. It will be so worthwhile!

Here you can read a few rewarding stories from some of our fabulous foster carers and the children we have helped reach their potential through foster care in Carmarthenshire:

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If you have ever thought of fostering then stop thinking and register now. My husband and I have been fostering for two years and our biggest regret is not having started sooner. There is always a demand
for new foster parents, especially for teenagers and you could make a real difference to some child’s life.

Anita & Phillip's story

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Fostering teenagers is quite challenging and will call on all your life experience. The phrase ‘toddler teens’ is very appropriate for some.

These are children who often have not had a childhood as you or I would understand it, and are still trying to process their emotional abandonment while they have the normal teenage drive to want to get out into the world.

Fostering teenagers

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