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Support for foster carers

We believe all children and young people should live in a caring, safe and stable home. We want to provide you, whether you’re an experienced or new foster carer, with as much support as possible to help you and your foster child.

We have a range of support available which includes various carer support groups, 24-hour emergency support and guidance, a mentoring service, specific training and development opportunities and good financial packages.

We also hold a range of activities throughout the year which all your family can enjoy.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you as a foster carer in Carmarthenshire:

  • Carer Support Group
  • Social events e.g. Christmas parties and summer outings, plus other events throughout the year
  • Children of Foster Carer support group
  • Looked after Children’s Group with links to Voices from Care
  • Mentoring Service
  • Preparation training and assessment
  • 24-hour emergency phone line and support
  • Extensive training and development opportunities, many linked to outside agencies
  • Supervising social worker to support individual carer households
  • Monthly supervision/support meeting
  • Long service awards
  • Good financial packages
  • Our staff are skilled and experienced
  • Looked After Children’s Nurse
  • Looked After Children’s Education Co-ordinator
  • Specialist Health Services inclusive of  Emotional and Autism Support Services
  • Our service is a member of the Fostering Network (Wales)
  • Registered service with CSSIW


Page updated on: 20/07/2017

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