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Learn Welsh (Welsh for Adults)

Do you need to learn Welsh and gain a qualification? Are you over 16? Are you bringing up young children and want to learn Welsh to give them the best possible grounding before they start school? Are you working in an organisation where the ability to speak Welsh would help your career prospects and enable you to give better customer service? Then, look no further...

We run a variety of once-a-week courses throughout Carmarthenshire including specific courses for the family, workplace and socialising.  These courses are delivered for the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Don’t worry if the course has started, you can still join after this date.  Please contact us to discuss.

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The fee for a mainstream course is £60 but there is a concessionary fee (£30) for learners who are receiving a means tested benefit. There are extra costs for materials i.e. a course book and practice book which cost £17.45. All learners undertaking the courses are expected to pay the relevant fee before the start of the course and enrolment will not be considered final until payment has been made. There is a concessionary fee available for full time students, if you are in receipt of a pension or receiving any of the following benefits:

  • Full-time Student
  • In receipt of a pension
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independent Payment
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Council Tax Reduction

You must send proof that you are eligible as you enrol (e.g. a copy of a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions).

What if I cannot afford it?

The fee should not be a barrier to learning Welsh. There is a bursary available to help you to pay for your course fees. This is means tested and you will need to provide us with details of your household income but it could mean that some or all of your fees will be paid.  Please contact us to discuss.

You may also be eligible for assistance with paying for course materials from the Financial Contingency Fund, which includes resources, childcare and travel. 

You are now able to register online using the National Centre for Learning Welsh website.  At present, the online payment facility has not been activated.  Please register now and we will let you know when the website will accept payment.  If you need coursebooks, these are available from us at a cost.  Please follow instructions given below.

You may also call into Llandeilo Community Education Centre (Monday to Wednesday) or Carmarthen Community Education Centre to enrol and pay in person.  You can also purchase and collect the coursebooks in person at the Centres.

NB: We aim to deliver all courses as advertised. However courses may be cancelled, or changed, if enrolments are too low or in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Once you enrol, refunds will not normally be given to learners who do not continue with their studies. Refunds are at our discretion and where granted will be pro-rata to the number of sessions attended.

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Term dates 2017/18 Start Half Term End
Autumn 25.09.17 30.10.17 - 03.11.17 08.12.17
Spring 08.01.18 19.02.18 - 23.02.18 23.03.18
Summer 16.04.18 28.05.18 - 01.06.18 02.07.18

For a list of examination dates, visit the WJEC website.

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Interested in becoming a tutor?

You will need either a teaching qualification or attend a specific two year course which is the National Qualification for Teaching Welsh to Adults. 

If you have these qualifications, to apply for a post, please look at our Jobs and Careers page, and look for Community Tutors.  Welsh for Adults will be listed as one of the required subject areas.

Page updated on: 15/08/2017

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