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Modernising education programme

The main purpose of the Modernising Education Programme is to transform the network of nursery, primary and secondary schools serving the county into a strategically and operationally effective resource that meets current and future need for a school based and community focused education, by developing and improving buildings, infrastructure and spaces that are appropriately located, designed, constructed or adapted to foster the sustainable development of the people and communities of Carmarthenshire.  By March 2014, we completed investment to a value of £161 million in the modernisation of our schools estate, of which in the region of 43% (£68.5m) has come from our own resources..

Our principal objectives are:

  • to develop, manage and deliver the Councils Modernisation Education Programme (MEP)
  • implement school re-organisation and rationalisation proposals
  • co-ordinate and implement major capital schemes supporting the MEP programme including DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) works
  • improve learning environment for children with better educational outcomes
  • manage the strategic forward planning of the Council’s MEP programme, linking with all relevant education, community development and regeneration objectives

Please see the Primary Schools and Secondary Schools tabs on the left hand side for further information of our Investment and School Reorganisation Proposals.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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