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We are pleased to announce that we will shortly be introducing a more convenient way for you to pay for school meals, school trips, afterschool club and much more.  Using a secure website called ParentPay you will be able to pay online using your debit or credit card making the school catering service and schools a cash free environment.  Parents who need to continue making payments by cash may do so using the PayPoint network at local convenience stores.

Paying on line gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your money reaches us safely.  We will be rolling out this new payment facility in all primary, special and secondary schools throughout Carmarthenshire during the next 2 years. 

ParentPay will:

  • Enable you to pay for school meals and other items such as school trip, uniforms etc.
  • Give you a history of all the payments you have made
  • Allow you to create one account for all of your children
  • Email a receipt of your payment to the email address you register
  • Offer you the ability to set automated email/SMS payment reminders
  • Give you the freedom to make payments to school whenever and wherever you like using any device that has internet access
  • Stop you having to write cheques or search for cash to send to school.  Payments are immediate, there is no waiting for cheques to clear
  • Give you peace of mind that your payment has been made safely and securely
  • Ensure you never need miss a payment, or have insufficient credit, with automated email/SMS alerts

For primary school pupils you will need to set up an additional account in order to pre-order your child/children’s meals. Please go to Cypad to activate your Cypad account. After activating your account you will be able to use the pre-ordering system within 1 working day. Please note that your child will not receive the pre-ordered meals if you have insufficient balance on your ParentPay account.

Children who are entitled to Free School Meals are asked to activate their account with ParentPay but will only have to register and pre-order using the Cypad website with no payment due.

If your child attends secondary school, the new ParentPay system will automatically integrate with our current cashless systems. We will work with each secondary school to eradicate the handing of cash over a period of time. Paying for your child’s school meals online gives you more control and greater visibility over the food choices they are making.

Activate your ParentPay account

Page updated on: 19/12/2017

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