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Get involved

Your views and opinions really matter – they help us realise when we’re getting things right, and when we need to do things better.

You may have a great idea for a community project, or simply want to organise a get together for you and your neighbours. You may want to get involved because you want to create a better sense of community in the street where you live.

Our Community Support Officers are always on hand to help bring your ideas to life, and tenant involvement is built in to everything we do. 

Make your views and opinions heard so they have an effect on how our housing services work. 

There are lots of ways to get involved, but here are a few examples:

  • Joining a tenants or residents association in your area
  • Returning a questionnaire or survey, or attending a public meeting
  • Helping to organise a community event
  • Writing for the tenants magazine, Tenant 2 Tenant

There are several groups you can join that help shape council services, and support tenants.
They are:

  • Tenant Consultative Forum
  • Money Matters and Savings
  • Communications Group
  • Tenant 2 Tenant editorial group

Email us at communityengagement@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or call 01554 899288 if you’re interested and we will talk you through it.

Tenant 2 Tenant is written by you, for you! Currently, it is published twice a year and is full of good news stories and pictures of local people, tips and advice on issues that are important to you, a letters page where you can get something off your chest, a children’s page, what’s on guide, competitions and more.
Read the latest issue, and see past editions here.

Submit something!
Ever fancied yourself as a journalist or photographer? Here’s your chance! All tenants are welcome to submit a news story, a picture, a letter, or anything else they feel would benefit other tenants – maybe a money-saving tip? Children are also welcome to submit drawings, photographs and articles for the children’s page.
If you are organising a community event, let us know and if the timing’s right we can include it in the What’s On guide. Email tenant2tenant@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or call 01554 899289.

Join the editorial group
Would you like to have a say on what’s included in the magazine, or what photograph is chosen for the cover? The Tenant2Tenant editorial group is always looking for new members. It’s a rewarding experience – great for adding to your CV – and don’t forget, you may even be able to earn Time Credits.

Do you run a small business, or know someone who does? There are a limited number of low-cost advertising opportunities in the magazine. Advertising rates can be provided on request - email us or call 01554 899289 for further information.

If you have an idea to brighten up your area, let us know! We’re always looking for ways to improve communities, either by environmental projects (allotments, clean-ups, planters, walkways and relaxation areas etc.) or making them safer and more welcoming.

We are also committed to making environmental improvements through the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard Plus.

Anyone can set up a tenant and residents group (TARA) to get neighbours involved and working together for the benefit of the community. TARAs have been proven to improve relationships, reduce anti-social behaviour and create a happier, safer, and more peaceful environment. 

We will help you get things moving, but first speak to your neighbours to see if others in your community will support you and join in. Ask them what they’d like to see improved in the area, and if they’d be prepared to help to make a difference.

We will help you to arrange a meeting in your community and help you advertise it in the press, local shops, schools etc. Your local Tenant Network Resource Centre will have facilities to help you in making posters and sorting leaflets for you to distribute.

At the meeting
You will need to elect a committee comprising of a Chair/Chairperson; Secretary and treasurer. You can also elect a vice-chair and also have people to undertake fund raising and organise social events.

A constitution needs to be agreed (this is a written document which sets out the principles and roles of the association, and what it can and cannot do) at an open meeting when arrangements should also be made to set up a bank account. 

We will help you get full training and support to develop your skills to keep the association going.

Financial support
There are small grants available to get you started. There is a start-up grant of up to £250 (£100 for tenants at sheltered schemes).

You could then apply for a grant every year, following your annual general meeting.

Let us know if you need further information.

We want to make sure that the services we provide are fit for purpose – that’s why we value your feedback so greatly. Our involvement with you goes beyond just keeping you informed and consulting with you from time to time.

Our aim is to work together in partnership so that all tenants feel part of the decision making process. We always act on your feedback, and we do our best to let you know of any changes, via publications like Tenant 2 Tenant, or when we meet you in your home or at meetings.

Getting involved gives you the opportunity to get your voice heard – your ideas may make a real difference to all our tenants. It gives you more control of decisions made about your home, and the area where you live.

You may also achieve something special for your community, maybe a project that brightens the place up, or an event that gets everyone together. We know from experience that this can give people great satisfaction – the feeling that you’ve done something good and worthwhile.

There are many other benefits, including:

  • meeting new people, and making new friends
  • the chance to do something new and interesting
  • learn new skills
  • great sense of achievement
  • having fun and new experiences

Depending on where you live, you may also have the chance to earn Time Credits, which reward you for voluntary work you undertake in your community. You earn credits as you go, and can ‘spend’ them on a number of local and national activities and attractions. 

Visit www.justaddspice.org or Spice Carmarthenshire on Facebook for further information.

Because we place such importance on tenant involvement, we have Community Support Officers whose job it is to encourage you to get involved, and support you in every way possible.

There are a number of things we can do to help, such as:

  • Providing you with training
  • Help with travel expenses or transport arrangements
  • Help with childcare
  • Ensuring our venues are accessible and disability-friendly
  • Ensuring all our publications are easy to read
  • Providing translation services if you need it

If there’s anything else that you feel prevents you from getting involved, just get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

Great! Give us a call on 01554 899289 or email us and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with people or let you know of things going on in your area.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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