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Disabled facilities grant

If you have problems getting around your home because of an illness, condition or disability, some improvements may help you to live more independently.

You don’t have to be a council tenant to get this kind of help – we can also help homeowners and private tenants, so long as the owner is happy for the works to be carried out. You may also be eligible to get some financial help, in the form of a grant.

What is an adaptation?

When your home is adapted it is changed so that it is more suitable to meet your physical needs. Adaptations can include anything from a level access entrance, to a stair or through-floor lift, walk-in shower or even a ground floor extension in some cases.

How do I apply

You can apply yourself, or be referred by a health or social care professional. An assessment will be carried out by an occupational therapist, who will work with the Home Improvement Team to find out what changes we can make to help you live more safely and comfortably.

If this is not possible, we will talk to you about your options, which may include moving to another home which is already adapted, or can be adapted, to suit your needs.

I’m a council tenant – is there a charge?

No, and we won’t ask you to prove your ability to pay (means-testing).

I’m a homeowner – is there help available for me?

In most cases help is available, including grants to help you adapt your home. If you (or someone living with you) is disabled, you may qualify for a disabled-facilities grant to help pay for adaptations or facilities.

Grants are means-tested and your income and any benefits you receive will be taken into account. However, enquiries for children (those under 16) are not means-tested. The maximum grant available is currently £36,000. You do not need to be registered as disabled to apply.

How to contact us

If you need more information just get in touch with our Home Improvement Team and we’ll talk you through your options. Call 01554 899389 or email schoptions@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Don’t forget, if you are a council tenant and need help with a general repair report the repair online.

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