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Love reading. Get FREE Ebooks form Welsh librariesAll you need to get started is a library card number, a PIN number and a PC or MAC connected to the internet.

Your PIN number can be obtained at any of our libraries throughout the county. All you need to provide us with is a form of ID that shows your name and proof of address (Drivers Licence, Utility Bill etc.). PIN numbers cannot be obtained via telephone or email.

Once you’ve downloaded an eBook to your PC or MAC you can transfer it to one of many different e-readers, tablets and smart phones.

The service will not work on all platforms and on all devices, including Kindles. Devices must support the DRM (Digital Rights Management) protocol as a minimum, and also enable free software downloads which manage the eBooks service.

We suggest you read the technical information and answers to other questions on the FAQ section of the eBooks website before you get started or if you have problems. You may also need to refer to the instruction booklet for your own devices.

The eBook is for a loan period of 21 days at which point the eBook will expire and will no longer be readable on your PC or eBook reader. The eBook then becomes available for another user to download.

No, if you have not finished with the eBook, you can download it again if there are no reservations attached to the eBook. If there are reservations then you will need to add your details to the reservation list and you will be notified when the eBook becomes available for you to loan.

For PC/ MAC users and all readers compatible with Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), the eBooks are downloaded using the standard eBook software Adobe Digital Editions.

The first time you try to download an eBook you will be prompted to download and install Adobe Digital Editions if this software is not already on your PC/MAC.

Yes, the eBook service allows you to reserve an eBook which has already been downloaded. If you wish to include your email address with the reservation you will be alerted as soon as the title becomes available.

The eBook service allows 3 days for the eBook to be downloaded at which point the eBook is offered to the next reservation or returns to the eBook stock to be accessed by other users.     

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Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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