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Music and film

Llanelli Music Library

We provide a complete music and film resource for members; access a huge range of genres to suit all ages and tastes. Browse our online catalogue to see what is available in your local library or call in and speak to our friendly staff. New titles are added to our collection weekly, review what's new on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • FREE loan of audio books on CD or MP3 format.
  • Language courses available to loan for a small fee.
  • Inter-library loan service for orchestral sets.


  • Up to 10 Music CDs - £1.00 per CD for 3 weeks
  • Up to 5 DVDs - £2.00 per DVD for 1 week
  • DVD Box sets (Box set 3 or more discs)  - £2.00 for 1 week

Loyalty Card Scheme

  • Free CD/DVD loan after loaning 8 CDs/DVDs. 

Page updated on: 13/04/2017

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