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Building regulation applications

We process the following building regulation applications:

  • Full Plans application
  • Building Notice application
  • Regularisation application (retrospective approval)
  • Building Notice Thermal Elements
  • Replacement windows, doors or rooflights
  • Electrical Works

How much will it cost?

Please contact us for fee charges advice before you submit your application on 01267 246044 or email us for a quotation on building.control@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

You can use a full plans application for all types of building work. Your plans will be checked before work starts to make sure they comply with building regulations.

Full plans should be submitted for new buildings, extensions or alterations or major structural alterations to any building.

Plans or drawings for proposed schemes should be submitted to us to be checked for compliance with Building Regulations before work is started. This is done to ensure that any alterations or amendments can be made before the building work is commenced on site, which can save time and money.

We require one set of plans; for commercial schemes we will scan a copy as we are required to consult with the fire service. You will need to have plans drawn by a suitable qualified person.

How to apply

For large schemes we offer pre-application checks and meetings to assist with the process, this can save time and money for all involved. If you are interested in this service or need advice on any of the above, please contact:

Irfon Jones 
Tel: 01267 246005 | E-mail: irjones@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Tony Williams
Tel: 01267 246006 | E-mail: rtwilliams@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Clive Evans 
Tel: 01267 246009 | E-mail: cdevans@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Building notices allow work to be carried out without needing to submit full plans. They are suitable for small work and allow you to begin work quickly.  It can be used for most domestic building works. 

It cannot be used for shops or offices, or erecting a new building on a private street.  It also cannot be used for works close to or on top of a sewer.

How to apply

If you have carried out work without first receiving building regulations approval then you can apply for retrospective approval. This process is called regularisation. This applies to all works carried out after 11th November 1985.

If you do not gain approval then you may have problems re-mortgaging or selling the property.  There may also be health and safety problems.

Once your application is received, a surveyor will contact you to visit the premises and check what has been done. If remedial work is necessary this will be highlighted and once corrected, a regulation certificate will be issued.

How to apply

When depositing Coal Authority reports in support of your Building Regulations application the following applies:

  • For the construction of domestic extensions & conservatories – Residential con29m Coal Mining and Brine report
  • For the construction of ‘new’ domestic dwellings – Non Residential con29m Coal Mining and Brine Report
  • For the extension & construction of non domestic buildings – Non Residential con29m Coal Mining and Brine Report

All plans must have a scale bar, key dimensions, the direction of North, original paper size and scale (e.g. 1:200 at A3) clearly marked upon them.

While not compulsory, submitting plans and drawings on A3 will help us  process your application more efficiently. For example, consider placing fewer elevations on smaller page sizes, even if this means submitting more documents.

Applying Online:
You can upload a maximum number of six documents with your online application. If you have more than six attachments email them to building.control@carmarthenshire.gov.uk quoting your online reference number.

Applying by email:
Email your documents to building.control@carmarthenshire.gov.uk quoting your reference number.

File Types
Please use the following file types, for supporting documents, wherever possible.

  • Images/plans: pdf, bmp, gif, jpg/jpeg, plt, png, tif/tiff
  • Documents: pdf, doc, rtf, txt, xls

File size
When uploading supporting documents individual files should not exceed 5MB in size. Total file size must not exceed 14MB.

How to pay for your application

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Online payment by credit/debit card (full planning and building notice applications only)
  • Telephone payment by credit/debit card. Phone 01267 234567, state that you wish to pay for a building regulations application and quote your reference number.
  • Payment by cheque. Payable to Carmarthenshire County Council. Write your reference number on the back of the cheque and post to Carmarthenshire County Council, Building Control Unit, Building 16, St David’s Park, Jobswell Road, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3HB

Page updated on: 22/03/2017

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