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Conservation & Countryside

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We regard the protection of the natural and built environment as a high priority in Carmarthenshire. The Conservation Section is actively working in partnership with local and national organisations as well as the community to assist in providing a high quality environment which retains its biodiversity, landscape characteristics and historical/cultural heritage.

Listed Buildings

We provide expert advice on the 1800 listed buildings in the County - these range from small farmhouses to stately homes.  All of these buildings deserve special consideration when development proposals arise that may affect their character.

Conservation Areas

Are areas of special architectural interest, which are important for their character and or appearance.

Tree Preservation

We recognise the importance of trees to the townscape of the county and make Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) to protect trees of amenity value, with priority to important traffic routes across the county, development sites and situations where important trees are at risk.


Is literally the diversity of life on earth.  It embraces all living plants and animals and the ecosystems on which they depend.  It is found all around us, in gardens, parks, roadside verges, fields, mountains, rivers and in the sea.  

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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