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Local Development Plan (LDP)

The Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) was adopted at the meeting of the County Council on the 10th December 2014.

The LDP sets out the spatial vision for the future of Carmarthenshire (excluding that area within the Brecon Beacons national Park) and a framework for the distribution and delivery of growth and development.  

It sets out land-use planning policies and proposals which are used in the determination of planning applications and in guiding future opportunities for investment and growth.

These policies include land-use allocations for different types of development (i.e. housing, employment, retailing, education, open space etc.) as well as criteria for assessing individual proposals.  The Plan has a direct effect on the lives of every resident of the County as well as major implications on investment programmes, other plans and strategies, communities and landowners alike.

The LDP, will guide development up to 2021, and will be monitored in accordance with the monitoring framework and periodically reviewed.

The adopted LDP supersedes the Unitary Development Plan.

The Matters Arising Changes was a consultation document (June 2014) which set out a number of proposed changes that emerged during hearing sessions of the examination.

The proposed changes related to elements of the LDP written statement and the proposals map and are set out in the Schedule of Matters Arising Changes which are set out within the following documents:

We submitted our proposals for the Local Development Plan (LDP) to the Welsh Government for public examination in accordance with The Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan) (Wales) Regulations 2005 (Regulation 22) on the 16th September 2013

The documents submitted to the Welsh Government also included the Sustainability Appraisal Report, Habitats Regulations Assessment Report and other background evidence papers as well as any representations made at the Deposit Plan and Alternative Sites stages of plan preparation.

The Focused Changes (July 2013) set out amendments to the Deposit LDP that we considered appropriate to make to the LDP to improve the soundness of the Plan.  The changes followed consideration of the representations received in response to the Deposit LDP and Alternative Sites consultations.


 All representations that were submitted to the Focused Changes Consultation can be viewed using the Local Development Plan search facility

This report presented to the meeting of the County Council on 12th June 2013 sought to obtain approval in relation to the consideration of representations received in respect of the Deposit LDP (including the Habitats Regulations Assessment report and the Sustainability Appraisal) and to representations made to the subsequent publication of submitted ‘Alternative Sites’.

The report also sought approval for the proposed focused changes and their publication for consultation. 

In January 2013 landowners, developers, and any other interested parties were invited to put forward sites for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation with a view to them being considered for inclusion within the LDP.  This followed the availability of evidence which indicated a need for a new site within the Llanelli area.

The following three sites were submitted for consideration as part of the associated consultation exercise.

Having considered the three sites we produced a report concluding none of the sites met the assessment criteria and would therefore not be considered appropriate for identification as a new Gypsy and Travellers site.

In April 2012 as part of the publication of the Deposit LDP for consultation a number of site specific representations were received.  Classified as Alternative Sites these site-specific representations to the Deposit LDP these included requests for the amendment or deletion of sites proposed in the Deposit LDP and suggestions for new sites. 

These sites were published for consultation in order to provide the public and other interested parties with the opportunity to comment.

The Register of Alternative Sites can be viewed via the link below and assigns the sites by town or settlement and is presented in the form of a table with accompanying map extracts. Each site is identifiable via a Site Reference (ALT) number. If a settlement is not listed then no submissions have been received for that particular settlement. For smaller villages and hamlets, or for sites that are located outside a settlement, please view the "Open Countryside" document. 


Alternative Sites Addendum
The document below shows a correction to the Cross Inn SC12 Alternative Sites map

All Site Allocation Representations received during the consultation on the Deposit LDP, together with supporting documentation relating thereto (including Sustainability Appraisals if applicable), are available to view online using the search tool to search by Representation Number or Site Number. Where a Sustainability Appraisal has been submitted by a proponent, this will be identified within the Register.

Some Alternative Sites have been subject to a sustainability appraisal by the Local Planning Authority. In order to view these, reference should be made to the SA Report, Annex 2: SA Score Cards To view the location of the sites detailed in Annex 2 and which have an SA Score Card please access the interactive mapping service (PlanAccess).

The Deposit LDP was published for consultation in June 2011 and sought to set out the strategy and policies which would shape the manner in which the County developed and changed over the period to 2021. Representing the first full draft of the emerging LDP it allocated land for housing and employment purposes and indicated where these and other uses will be permitted, in addition to identifying areas where policies designed to protect the environment from inappropriate developments apply.

Deposit LDP Representations
The non-site specific representations which relate to the policies or text of the Deposit LDP, the Sustainability Appraisal Report and the Habitat Regulations Assessment were made available for inspection.

The representations submitted are available to view by using the search tool by Representation Number (e.g.: D5266). Comments in relation to the Sustainability Appraisal Report and the Habitats Regulations Assessment may also be viewed using the search tool (e.g. SAR00103 or HRA00025 respectively).

SAR and HRA Comments
Site specific representations are set out within the Alternative Site Register and were subject to a specific consultation exercise.

The Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy was published November 2009 and represented an important formal stage in the production of the LDP. It set out the key plan issues, vision and objectives, strategic options, key policies and the suggested overall level of growth and key areas of change and protection for the Plan area. It also identified the strategic sites likely to contribute to the delivery of the Strategy.

It represented a strategic stage in plan preparation and did not therefore include detailed policies or non strategic site specific proposals.

In accordance with guidance issued in the Local Development Plan Manual (Welsh Assembly Government 2006), the Council invited landowners, developers, members of the public and other interested parties to propose sites for consideration for possible inclusion within the LDP. This consultation ran from the 2nd July to the 5 September 2008, sites were invited for a range of proposals including housing, employment, tourism, retail, leisure, waste, amenity, open space, community facilities, health provision, protection from development and other uses.

These sites are available to view, at request by emailing the Forward Planning Section at Forward.Planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or by telephoning 01267 228818.

The Delivery Agreement outlines the proposed Community Involvement Scheme and sets out the timetable for the preparation of the LDP. The initial Delivery Agreement was agreed by the Welsh Government in August 2007 and has been revised at two later dates in October 2010 and August 2013.

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