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Real nappies

Real Nappies are cute, cool and comfy. More and more parents are making the switch to real nappies as they realise not only can they cut their families waste in half but they can also save themselves £100’s of pounds in the process!

There is a perception that real nappies are ‘hard work’, but they needn’t be. Many fasten with fabric fasteners or poppers and can be washed along with your baby’s clothes, or if kept separate washed at 60c (on average twice a week). There is no need to soak, or boil wash. The paper liners are flushable.

Did you know that...

Each baby produces approximately 5,000 nappies in a 2.5 year period. This is the equivalent of 156 black bags and weighs the same as an average family car – and costs parents between £700-£1,300.

An estimated 200 million disposables are thrown away in Wales each year. This is 38,000 tonnes of unnecessary waste going to landfill; costing the Welsh tax payer around £2 million to dispose of and this figure is set to rise.

A disposable nappy will take around 300 years to decompose, the decaying paper pulp produces methane which is a more potent greenhouse gas than Co2.

Real Nappies…

  • Can be purchased for as little as £75 and can then be passed onto siblings and others.
  • Cost around a £1 per week for home laundering. Less if you use energy efficient washing machines and line dry.
  • Do not cause nappy rash, or use chemicals which can over dry babies skin.
  • Are good for the baby’s posture – by keeping hips apart at the right distance.
  • Encourage babies to potty train earlier by making the association between a child emptying its bladder and feeling wet.

Discount - Real nappy trial pack

Nappy Go Lucky are excited to be offering the residents of Carmarthenshire a chance to trial some real nappies at a hugely discounted price. Many new parents are keen to try out cloth nappies however they are put off by the start up costs and don't know if they will work for them. By offering some nappies to try out before committing to a whole pack of nappies we hope to convince new parents to 'go real'.

The trial pack will be available to all Carmarthenshire residents, limited to one pack per household, per child and we do ask for proof of address and a copy of a MAT1B form or birth certificate.

Page updated on: 07/03/2017

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