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Blue bags - Recycling

You can put out as many blue bags as you like. Please keep all your recyclables dry and clean. Remember to wash and squash.

Never put glass in your blue bags as it is dangerous for our workers. Broken glass can also contaminate the blue bag which means it can no longer be sent for recycling.

Please take your glass bottles and jars to your local recycling centre/bottle bank. If you are unable to do this, then wrap carefully and place in your black bags.

All recycling bags with the wrong items in will be marked with a sticker and left behind.

What goes in my blue bag?

Yes put it inYes put it in...
Newspaper/magazines, Catalogues, Telephone directories, Junk mail, Writing paper, Shredded paper, Envelopes, Food and drink cartons, Cereal boxes, Ready meal sleeves, Cardboard boxes, Toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes, Egg boxes, Food and drink cans, Aerosols, Plastic bottles, Yoghurt pots, Margarine tubs, Plastic punnets/ready meal trays, Plastic coat hangers, Jam jar lids, Foil, Plastic film

No leave it outNo leave it out...
Tissues/Kitchen roll, Food soaked card, Saucepans, Scrap metal, Plastic bags, Polystyrene, Wallpaper, Paint tins, Clothes/shoes, Glass, Toys, Wooden coat hangers, Electrical items, Video cassettes, CDs/DVDs, Garden waste, Nappies/sanitary products, Pet food pouches/tray.

Recycling downstairs and upstairs

When it comes to recycling, most of us start in the kitchen, but then it ends in the kitchen too. You can recycle all kinds of everyday items in every room of your house. From toothpaste boxes and toilet roll tubes, shampoo and shower gel bottles, empty cleaning sprays and disinfectant / bleach bottles. Through to bottle tops, receipts and envelopes.

Find out more about the items you can recycle all over your home by visiting the Recycle For Wales website and exploring their interactive house by clicking on each of the rooms. Please remember plastic, paper, cans and cardboard go in your blue bags, food waste goes in your green bin and use your local recycling bank for any glass.

If you are elderly/disabled and require assistance contact Age Cymru Sir Gâr by emailing info@agecymrusirgar.co.uk or calling 01554 784 080.

Page updated on: 19/01/2017

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