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Why recycle?

It’s easy to recycle and it really does make a difference. Recycling stops tonnes of rubbish being buried in landfill releasing harmful greenhouse gases. Your recycled material is a also a valuable resource. Once it has been collected from your doorstep, it's taken away to be sorted, bailed and then transported to reprocessors to be made into new products.

When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh, raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future.

Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials – even when comparing all associated costs, like transport. Plus there are extra energy savings because more energy is required to extract, refine, transport and process raw materials ready for industry compared with providing industry-ready materials.

Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. 

When we recycle, recyclable materials are reprocessed into new products, and as a result the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites reduces. There are over 1,500 landfill sites in the UK, and in 2001, these sites produced a quarter of the UK's emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.


Towards Zero Waste

The Welsh Government has set statutory targets for recycling with a 70% target by 2025 and to be a zero waste (100% recycling) nation by 2050. Local authorities that fail to meet the targets could face large financial penalties.

We are currently recycling approximately 60% in Carmarthenshire.

The Landfill Allowances Scheme (LAS) limits the amount of biodegradable municipal waste - such as paper, cardboard and kitchen scraps - that councils are allowed to send to landfill. If councils exceed these limits, it can lead to fines.

Figures show Carmarthenshire has again reduced the amount of waste it is sending to landfill.

During 2014/15 the county sent 7,175 tonnes of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) to landfill – that’s just 31% of its 23,151 tonnes allowance.

Page updated on: 23/05/2016

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