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Help at home


If you don’t meet the agreed criteria for Social Care Services but you require help with day to day activities such as housework, shopping, collecting your pension etc.

We have approved the companies listed below for non personal care services.

Organisation Contact number
Maid Perfect 01994 484483
Cadog 01558 822250
Pegasus Homecare 01792 885874

Assisted Bin Collection

If you are elderly, or disabled and have difficulty placing your bins at the kerbside, arrangements can be made to collect your bins from the doorstep or an agreed location.

To apply for this service, visit our Recycling, Bins and Litter section.

Registered Traders Scheme

The Trading Standards Team operate a Registered Traders Scheme. The Scheme involves traders who can undertake tasks such as lawn moving and basic do-it-yourself work, in particular for elderly and vulnerable residents. This will give you the added reassurance that you are dealing with a registered tradesmen.

Find out more about the Registered Traders Scheme on the Trading Standards section of our website.

Page updated on: 10/01/2017

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