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Cold calling / rogue traders

We want to help residents to look after themselves on their own doorsteps and to identify vulnerable residents who need support. We work closely with Dyfed-Powys Police to support local councils and Neighbourhood Watch coordinators to create No Cold Calling control zones across the county, and also to tackle rogue traders and doorstep crime.

The majority of people who knock on your door are genuine. However, it is important you are aware that some could be rogue traders, doorstep criminals or uninvited sales people. So-called 'doorstep crime' often results from an initial cold call - they may turn up unannounced.

Unscrupulous traders often prey on older and vulnerable people, carrying out unnecessary, substandard and sometimes even dangerous work and then use strong-arm tactics to persuade you to part with large sums of money. In addition, burglars may use cold calling as a pretext to engage in distraction burglary or ‘sneak-in’ thefts.

Cold calling is when someone turns up at your home unannounced, unrequested or uninvited, trying to sell you goods or services. It is not illegal, however, you may find it intimidating, frightening and intrusive - not to mention irritating and frustrating.

Cold Calling Control Zone Scheme

The Cold Calling Control Zone Scheme helps combat the problem of doorstep crime. The zones aim to make you feel safer in your own home and reduce the fear of crime arising from doorstep callers, bogus workmen, high pressure salespeople, bogus officials and distraction burglars.

Whilst this type of criminal behaviour can impact on anybody in any place, research shows that older people are particularly vulnerable, especially those living alone.

Cold Calling Control Zones do not ban cold callers or create exclusion zones, however they can be effective in deterring unscrupulous cold callers from approaching people living in the zones and giving those residents the confidence to say no. The zones have also been shown to reduce overall crime in the areas where they now exist.

How to recognise a Cold Calling Control Zone

A Cold Calling Control Zone is identified by signs on lamp posts displayed at the entrance and exit points of a zone. These inform traders that they are entering an area where residents do not buy goods and services at the door. Each household receives an information booklet offering advice and a sticker to display on a front door or window to act as a reminder to any trader that calls.

How to set up a Cold Calling Control Zone

If you believe that the area where you live needs a Cold Calling Control Zone, please get in touch with us.

Reporting cold callers

If you are in a controlled zone and continue to get persistent callers:

  • Refuse to do business with them
  • Point out that the area is a Cold Calling Control Zone
  • Make a note of who they are and any vehicle they are travelling in, including the registration of the vehicle
  • Report the information to us on 01267 234567 and the police by calling 101
  • If you feel threatened ring 999

The system for dealing with incidents of unwanted callers within a Cold Calling Control Zone will vary dependent upon the type of cold call and available resource. Once you have reported it, we will look into the incident and take further action if necessary.

If you have entered in to a contract, or are not sure if you have, we can check any paperwork you’ve been given and advise you further.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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