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Active Travel

Active Travel and Existing Route Map (ERM)

As part of our commitment to make it easier for you to walk and cycle in Carmarthenshire we have prepared maps that identify current walking and cycling routes. These maps were created following public consultation as well as our own research in 2015.

With these maps, we aim to make active travel the most attractive option for shorter journeys and to connect key sites such as workplaces, hospitals, schools and shopping areas with traffic free routes and cycle lanes.

The routes identified on the maps meet current Welsh Government standards for walking and cycling routes in Wales. The maps do not show all possible walking and cycling routes in the county but they should prove useful in planning your walking and cycling journeys.

Active Travel Act Annual Report 2015/16 

Active Travel Act - Carmarthenshire Reporting Duties 2016/17 

Page updated on: 06/10/2017

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