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Potholes, spills, faulty streetlights...report it online!

We are responsible for the maintenance of all county roads and footpaths and regular inspections are carried out to check for defects. We also have an annual programme of planned work, consisting of road resurfacing and pavement reconstruction schemes.

Visit i-Local to report a road defect online or call 01267 234567. This could include uneven or broken flagstones and potholes in the road, that can cause damage to vehicles.

Trunk Roads
There are a number of trunk roads in Carmarthenshire which are the responsibility of the South Wales Trunk Road Agency. These include:

  • A 477: Red Roses – St Clears
  • A40: Whitland – St Clears – Carmarthen – Llandovery – Halfway
  • A48: Pont Abraham - Carmarthen
  • A483: Pont Abraham – Llandeilo
  • A483: Llandovery – Cynghordy – Sugar Loaf

To report any issues on trunk roads please visit the South Wales Trunk Road Agency website or call 0300 123 1213.

We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 26,000 street lights throughout the county.

We have a duty to ensure that all illuminated street furniture, i.e. streetlights and illuminated traffic signs on the highway remain operational.

Every street light and illuminated traffic sign is cleaned, serviced and tested.

The lamps in the units are regularly changed and a detailed electrical test is carried out at six-yearly intervals, in accordance with the Institution of Electrical Engineer's regulations.

We inspect all lights every three weeks, recording and reporting any faults needing repair. If we receive fault reports, we arrange for repairs to be carried out. This process involves investigation of the cause of the faults within 14 working days of the fault being reported. Repairs will be carried out within 20 working days, if the fault cannot be repaired on the first visit.

Visit i-Local to report a faulty street light online or call 01267 234567

In order to help us deal with a fault, please note the identification number on the lighting column or traffic sign and the address of the adjacent property, including its number, the road name and the town or village.

A vehicle is classified as abandoned if:

  • it has not been moved for a significant period of time
  • the Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) has expired.
  • the owner or the keeper cannot be identified, or fails to respond to a legal notice

A vehicle cannot be regarded as abandoned only because of its condition or appearance and/or the fact that it has not been moved for some weeks.

Visit i-Local to report an abandoned vehicle online or call 01267 234567

If you wish to report an untaxed vehicle contact:-
Vehicle Registration Office
Untaxed Vehicles
Long View Road
SA99 1AN

If you think the vehicle has been stolen or if it is causing an obstruction, please report it to Dyfed-Powys Police, on 101.

We are responsible for dealing with a range of spillages on to our roads.

This includes materials that are potentially toxic or dangerous and are dealt with as an emergency.

Oil and diesel spillages
Oil or diesel can cause slippery road surfaces which could lead to potential accidents. These spillages need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Diesel spillages are generally dealt with by sanding the area and placing appropriate signs at the roadside. A petrol spillage does not usually present the same problem, as it will evaporate readily into the atmosphere. In severe cases the police may call for the area to be sanded.

Chemical spillages
Before any work is carried out the materials have to be assessed and the risks/hazards identified for those attending the incident.

Emergency closures
If conditions are severe enough, a police officer at the scene has the power to close the road. Where there is a significant hazard, we, as the highways authority, also have the power to close a road immediately without notification. Any obstructions to the highway should be reported to the police.

Visit i-Local to report a spillage online or call 01267 234567.

Homeowners / landowners are responsible for the maintenance of any trees, hedges or shrubbery on to a public highway.

If any vegetation from a private property restricts pedestrians or is dangerous to vehicular traffic, action can be taken under the Highways Act 1980.

We shall give notice to owners, and seek their cooperation in trimming back the offending vegetation. However, after the expiry of the notice, we may arrange for works to be undertaken and recover the costs reasonably incurred from the owners.

Visit i-Local to report any overhanging trees and shrubs online or call 01267 234567.

To report a blocked drain or gully on the public highway online please visit i-Local and use the ‘Report a road defect’ form or alternatively call 01267 234567.

We are not responsible for drains or gullies on private land.

We are responsible for removing dead animals (wild and domestic) from public areas and roads in Carmarthenshire. This includes dead cats, dogs, badgers, foxes and larger animals, such as deer, which will be removed within 72 hours of being reported.

Smaller animals, such as squirrels and rabbits, would normally only be dealt with by scheduled street sweeping.

Visit i-Local to report a dead animal online or call 01267 234567 with the following details:

  • location (e.g. an adjacent/nearby address) of the dead animal;
  • brief details description of the animal, such as type, colour, size; and
  • the time at which you saw the animal.

If you find an alive, but injured animal on a highway, please telephone the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999. Visit i-Local to report a stray dog online or call 01267 234567.

To report a flooding problem on the highway please visit our flooding pages.

Page updated on: 14/06/2017

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