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Flood Risk Strategy and Management Plan

As a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) we have a duty to develop, maintain, apply and monitor a strategy for local flood risk management which includes surface run-off, groundwater; and ordinary watercourses.

In developing the strategy, we balance the needs of communities, the economy and the environment. Our local strategy forms the framework within which communities have a greater say in local risk management decisions. It encourages more effective risk management by allowing residents, communities, business and the public sector to work together to:

  • ensure a clear understanding of the risks of flooding and erosion, nationally and locally, so that investment in risk management can be prioritised more effectively;
  • set out clear and consistent plans for risk management so that communities and businesses can make informed decisions about the management of the residual risk;
  • encourage innovative management of flood risks, taking account of the needs of communities and the environment;
  • form links between the local flood risk management strategy and local spatial planning;
  • ensure that emergency plans and responses to flood incidents are effective and that communities are able to respond properly to flood warnings; and
  • help communities to recover more quickly and effectively after incidents.


Page updated on: 26/08/2016

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