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This ambitious project aims to deliver health, wellbeing and economic benefits to the people of Llanelli and the South West Wales region through the regeneration of development land along the Llanelli coastline.

It includes a new ‘state-of-the-art’ leisure centre, a wellness hotel, support for new business start-ups, growth and research and development, assisted living, a community health centre, a learning and development facility for wellness and life sciences, together with high quality housing.

The aim is for all the different elements to have complimentary facilities and resources which interlink through a central hub.

Yes, all partners are committed to the project. Outline planning permission has been secured, detailed design work is underway and on site groundworks have recently been completed.

The project will incorporate a number of specific buildings set within and around Delta Lakes. Together with associated landscaping, footpaths and parking facilities, the development proposes to create a ‘street’ concept to bring together the leisure, health, business and education/training elements with a community atmosphere where visitors are able to spend time within a quality environment.

The project will focus on development of high quality, environmentally-efficient buildings and open space.


The project will create significant job opportunities across many professions. The construction industry will benefit significantly as will organisations involved in the servicing and maintaining of buildings once occupied. There will be a wide range of jobs in the health and care sectors as well as in hospitality, catering and leisure/recreation.

Research and development activity in the life science, health and ICT sectors will generate new businesses which will establish and grow through the business support and incubation facility. New businesses will be joined by already-established businesses looking to expand and diversify, strengthening South Wales’ vibrant SME community.

We expect the job opportunities to recognise both the immediate needs of the area and the longer term aspirations of younger people. We will work alongside our educational partners to develop new and exciting training courses at all levels

The project has high aspirations to benefit the locality by aligning the job, training and research opportunities with the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the people of South Wales.

The project is being led by Carmarthenshire County Council in partnership with Hywel Dda University Health Board and further and higher education providers and range of local and regional stakeholders.

The whole project could mean an investment of around £200million to build. Each component of the project is being costed individually in order to identify the most effective phasing of development over the coming years.

To deliver such a project, a mixture of public and private funding opportunities are being explored. The council is funding the wellness hub and City Deal investment is being secured to develop the community health hub.

A number of key milestones have been achieved to date:

  • A masterplan was completed in 2016
  • Concept design work has been undertaken
  • Outline planning consent was released in August 2019.
  • Detailed design work for Zone 1 is underway
  • Ground investigation works were carried out in summer 2019

We anticipate that construction will start on site in 2020.

A public exhibition event was held in October 2017 where the local community had the opportunity to speak to the project team and give their views on the proposals. A
communications group has been set up and people will have further opportunities to have their say on the development.

We are creating a development suitable for the whole community and will keep people up-to-date with newsletters as well as through local media and on our website.

Further information events will be held as the project develops.

Yes, local residents will be able to use and benefit from the facilities and services on offer at the village with a focus on improving people’s health and wellbeing. We are working with our partners to provide opportunities and benefits for all age groups.

No. The Local Health Board is a partner on the project and is working closely with the council to identify services that could provide better outcomes for patients if they are delivered in the community rather than in a hospital environment, for example, some nursing and therapies assessment and treatment. This will enable space in the hospital to be freed up for patients who need to be seen in hospital.

No, the project is being taken forward in line with Hywel Dda’s Transforming Clinical Services Strategy. The current health services are facing increasing demand and we need to organise our services so that the sickest patients can be treated in the hospitals and those who don’t need to be in a hospital environment can be treated in the community.

The focus will be on physical rehabilitation to help patients to recover from a range of conditions in a community setting rather than a hospital environment. For example, patients requiring physiotherapy could be treated here. Patients would also have access to the gym, swimming / hydrotherapy pools as part of their recovery programme giving added benefit.

It is inevitable that there will be an increase in traffic especially during the construction phase, although the road infrastructure around the site has been designed to suit a development of this size.

As part of the plans we will improve access to the site via public transport links, as well as ensuring that there is sufficient parking available.

We are focusing on wellness so open space is a key consideration for the partners. There will be new buildings in the Delta Lakes area, however, the lake will remain a key feature and we will provide landscaping and walks around the lake that will be open for everyone to enjoy. We will also be creating an eco-park as part of the development on the surrounding land.

Yes the leisure centre will be closing, but not before the new one at Delta Lakes is opened.

No decisions have been made as yet, but it is likely the building will have to be demolished due to its condition.

This has been considered, however, the new leisure centre will be at the heart of the wellness village at Delta Lakes, providing an exciting opportunity for health and leisure to work more closely together for the benefit of both patients and users. Practical issues such as the need to demolish the existing leisure centre makes building a new leisure centre on site more difficult too.

Prices are reviewed annually as part of the wider pricing policy for leisure facilities across the county, but we do not expect to see similar products currently offered at Llanelli Leisure Centre increasing any more than the normal rate.

No, all memberships will be honoured and transferred over.

The leisure centre will include an eight lane 25m swimming pool, learner pool, hydrotherapy pool, a multi-purpose sports hall, a gym and multi-functional fitness studios for spin, dance and other classes, and an adventure play centre.

The site will be landscaped throughout, with free access to green spaces promoting healthy living and outdoor community activities. Scenic lakeside walks will be developed, along with other outdoor leisure facilities. Walking and cycling routes will link with the Millennium Coastal Park and other recreational facilities along the coast. Other features will include a children’s play area, outdoor spaces for performing arts and a public plaza.

A transport strategy has been developed for the site. People will be able to get there by foot, by car or by using public transport. Its connectivity to the Millennium Coastal Park and local communities is key to the development.

A car park will be provided on site and will be able to accommodate all users.

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