Tyisha is changing - Testing the market

4. Better housing in a better environment

While we are working closely with partners and the community to deliver better local services, there is no doubt that the housing stock and surrounding environment requires substantial investment and remodelling.

We want any new housing to help us tackle the following issues:

  • Tyisha’s tenure imbalance. There is a significant amount of private and social rented homes in Tyisha. This has led to a more transient community with fewer permanent residents.
  • The high density of small homes with insufficient green and communal space resulting in few opportunities for the community to interact.
  • Older, energy inefficient, housing stock.
  • Low property values.
  • Low demand social housing that is past its best.
  • Little mixed-use space and commercial space.
  • Limited community facilities to support the wider economic regeneration of the area.

We want to help create a more permanent community which will support a reduction in crime and address the drug and alcohol issues. We think this can be achieved by addressing existing social housing sites which are in low demand. The introduction of owner occupation and low-cost ownership at key sites will help deliver more permanent residents with a long-term stake in the area.

This needs to be addressed through demolition and rebuilding modern homes which meet the needs of the community. Not only will this deliver good quality, modern, energy efficient homes but also rebalance tenure in the area. We also want to address the physical density by promoting good design principles based around green areas for the community to enjoy.

We want to support the delivery of new mixed tenure housing (around 120 homes) and are seeking to form a partnership to help design and build a new Tyisha. To support this, we are committed to providing financial and non- financial support to meet our aims. This could include strategic acquisition and disposal of properties and potential grant funding such as a Social Housing Grant.

Our focus involves re-developing the area around the train station and existing social housing sites along Station Road.

We are now looking to gauge the appetite of the residential development market to deliver our ambitions. This is a market testing exercise where we are seeking potential partners to share their ideas with us.