Tyisha is changing - Testing the market

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We are seeking a partner to deliver this exciting project.

Please consider the information we have provided before submitting any proposals. Whilst we have not included a word limit, please keep responses as succinct and relevant to the project as possible. Marketing and supporting material should be sent to us as separate documents.

Key questions to consider:

  1. What appetite do you have to deliver this project?
  2. Do you perceive there are any barriers or risks to delivering the project
  3. What solutions or different approaches would you suggest to addressing these barriers and to manage these risks?
  4. What funding structure and sources would you envisage to deliver the project in order to minimise the call on the public purse?
  5. What funding expertise and funding sources can you contribute to the project? Can you describe the factors that influence the confidence that the financing options you have identified are viable and sustainable for this type of project?
  6. What could we do to support the delivery of the project?
  7. What long-term impact do you believe any future partnership should be aiming to deliver?
  8. We welcome any comment on the proposals or alternative proposals as part of the market testing exercise. We are particularly interested for your view on the attractiveness of this project to the market and how it can be improved.

What’s important to us is ensuring that we efficiently deliver the re-development needed to ensure that Tyisha fulfils the enormous potential it has be a thriving and prosperous community. We look forward hearing your views about this exciting and unique development.

Please submit all responses to: Tyisha@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

This process will end on December 7.

We reserve the right to enter discussion with interested parties to discuss their proposals further. If you are interested in participating in such discussion, please indicate your interest when submitting your response.

The information provided will be used and retained by us to assist us to help shape the project. Consolidated contributions from this exercise may be published in a non-attributable form as part of further market consultation. Responses should specifically identify areas of proprietary or commercially sensitive information that you do not wish to be disclosed. The council may ask respondents to clarify their submissions.

There are no tender documents available; submissions received will not be scored and will not form part of any evaluation process. Please note that this is not a call for tenders or a pre-qualification exercise. This early market engagement exercise will not be used for the purposes of short-listing at any later stage and non-participation will not restrict access to any future selection process. We reserve the final right to follow what we consider to be the most appropriate approach to market the project and will not meet any costs incurred by any party in responding to this early market engagement exercise.

Having considered all representations we reserve the right to package the requirement in such a way that we believe offers the most cost effective, sustainable solution.