Register a food business

Page updated on: 11/08/2023

If you own or have recently taken over a food business in Carmarthenshire, it is a legal requirement to register your business with us at least 28 days before opening or taking ownership.

Your details will be entered onto our Management Information System whereby your premises will be subject to a risk based inspection program. Please be advised, certain details contained within your registration form, such as name of business; type of business; address and telephone number, will be held available for public inspection should such information be requested. Other information provided will not be publicly available.

Once you have registered, you will need to notify us if there is a change of ownership or change in the nature of the business.

Registration is free of charge and is completed when we receive a completed application form. Tacit consent applies. The legislation requires only that we process your application for you to be registered. Appeal is not applicable as there is a strict legal duty to register.

You may also need to apply for approval of food premises, if you intend to use unprocessed products of animal origin (e.g. fresh meat, raw minced meat, raw milk or eggs). 

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