Events Support Fund

Page updated on: 12/06/2019

Direct and indirect (in-kind communication support) funding is open to all applicants who currently organise or who wish to organise events or festivals in Carmarthenshire and our support is designed to help a range of events that are at varying levels and stages. 

We welcome applications from private or public sectors and fully constituted voluntary organisations whose events fulfil the criteria. 

The event must be held in Carmarthenshire. Applicants must be active members of the Event Organisers Circle. The event must meet one or all of the county’s strategic tourism objectives:

Applications must fulfil this criteria in order to be eligible. Priority will be given to projects which can demonstrate the following:

  • Events that take place in the shoulder seasons (Jan – June & September and October)
  • That have no displacement or competition with other similar established events
  • Work with businesses to increase spend in the Carmarthenshire business community
  • Enhance & reinforce Carmarthenshire's profile to potential visitors and particularly its target market.
  • Supports the heritage and culture of the County especially the positive use of the Welsh Language
  • Offer good value for money (funding contribution towards total project costs)
  • Offer new additional activities to established events

Applicants should provide relevant and detailed information on how they fulfil the criteria and priorities to enable us to fairly assess eligibility for support. We shall score all applications against evidence provided.

Support levels will be determined on an event by event basis. The minimum funding available is £250, maximum £5,000 at up to 50% of total costs (whichever is the lower). Attention will be given to the level and size of impact the event can make to the economic development of Carmarthenshire.

Events must not take place prior to the offer letter date. If successful, all payments will be made retrospectively with evidence of expenditure (i.e. invoices and bank statements) to show that specific activity and total expenditure has taken place. Therefore the accounts and records of the event should be held and made available to us upon request.

All events and activity supported financially by us will need to acknowledge that they have received support from Carmarthenshire County Council on all publicity, programmes, media material and coverage and on-site signage. Branding guidelines are available.

We retain the right to publicise details of successful applications in order to demonstrate outputs and promote best practice. 

Successful applicants will be required to report on the progress of the event and a report outlining outputs against agreed targets (as set out in your Terms & Conditions) will be required in order to release funding following completion of the event such as; 

  • Attendance figures
  • Publicity gained
  • How our brand was proactively promoted and used correctly
  • The economic impact
  • All promotions must be delivered bilingually to an agreed standard

No financial support can be allocated towards any capital costs (e.g. purchase of a marquee) or staffing and overheads. This fund can’t pay for a County Council service or facility.

Any submission of costs will need to demonstrate that there is a reasonable balance between public sector funding and private sector funding of the event. In signing off the application form and accepting any offer of support from us, the applicant enters into a binding agreement and acts as event organiser on behalf of any organisation/company. He / she will be liable for the delivery of satisfactory outputs as determined in the agreement.

Funding will not be provided for services or activities that have been funded in previous years. This funding scheme cannot support any group/individual who has an outstanding debt with us, please declare any outstanding debt. We reserve the right to cease any support and to reclaim any costs incurred in respect of the original application if the event is not completed within the agreed timescale or the applicant does not abide by the terms and conditions of the fund agreement.

Events must happen within an agreed period of the funding being granted or the offer may be void. We are unable to fund activities that have already taken place before the acceptance letter has been sent

We reserve the right to cease any support and to reclaim any costs incurred in respect of the original application if the event is not completed within the agreed timescale or the applicant does not abide by the Terms & Conditions of the fund agreement.

Please note the scheme’s funding up until 31 March 2019 has now been fully allocated and only events that will be delivered after this date can be considered for financial support. We look forward to receiving your application.

  • Applications for September 2019 to March 2020 need to be received no later than 30th September 2019.

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