LEADER funded studies

Page updated on: 30/05/2019

During this round of LEADER, Grŵp Cefn Gwlad has approved a number of feasibility studies covering a range of themes. These studies are available for you to download and read.

The following studies have been completed to date.

Theme: 2

Applicant: Carmarthenshire County Council’s External Funding Team, on behalf of Grŵp Cefn Gwlad, the partnership with responsibility for the management of the LEADER programme in Carmarthenshire.

Summary: The consultation process was designed to support the Partnership in its aim in identify potential ‘Pop up Shop’ models that could suitably be adapted to rural Carmarthenshire.

RDP Contribution: £11,368.00

Download pop up shop report

Theme: 2

Applicant: Coleg Sir Gâr

Summary: This feasibility study outlines an investigation into whether jacquard woven technology can be utilised in the manufacture of compression fabric and garments, as well as identifying whether there is a demand and need for advancement in the technical design of compression garments.

RDP Contribution: £23,865.01

Download Jaquard Loom Weaving Technology

Theme: 3

Applicant:  Cwmaman Town Council on behalf of the Community of Cwmaman

Summary: A feasibility study on the potential future uses of community owned assets within the villages of Glanaman and Garnant.

RDP Contribution: £7,070.30

Download Community Assets Study

Theme: 1

Applicant: Calon Cymru Network

Summary: The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 require the population to live and work in radically different, environmentally sensitive ways. This investigation considers the potential for new settlement to fit the progressive legislative framework.

RDP Contribution: £15,368.16

Download Calon Cymru Study

Theme: 2

Applicant: Coleg Sir Gâr

Summary: A feasibility study to identify how Pibwrlwyd House, a grade 2 listed redundant Georgian building, can be best utilised.

RDP Contribution: £16,951.91

Download Cwrt Pibwrlwyd Study