Section 50 Licence to place, retain and maintain apparatus in a street

Page updated on: 24/07/2019

A Section 50 Street Works Licence application is required when a person or organisation wishes to place a new, or retain an apparatus under the street and to inspect, maintain, adjust, repair, alter or renew the apparatus, change its position or remove it.

A 'street' is a highway maintained at the public expense, commonly known as adopted highway and may include footways, verges and carriageways.

Examples of apparatus which may be placed on or under publicly maintained highways includes sewer connections or any other pipes, power cables and ducts, benches and traffic survey cameras. These examples are not intended to be exhaustive or prescriptive.

Please use the table below to calculate the cost for the licence type you require.

Licence type Licence fee
To serve one dwelling house. £458.00
To serve two or more dwelling houses and residential development, flats/maisonettes. £686.00 + £68.00 per unit.
To serve non-residential development i.e. industrial, office, warehouse, storage, shopping, retail, leisure, assembly buildings, Schools and other educational buildings. £665.00
To serve land for the purpose of agricultural/horticultural use. £323.00
To serve land for the purpose of Industrial development £665.00
Public Utilities and Street Works Act 1950 and/or other licensing procedure in respect of apparatus in the street. £458.00
To repair / renew / maintain existing apparatus in a Street where a Street Works Licence has not been granted under Sections 181 To 183 of the Highways Act 1980.

To repair / renew / maintain existing apparatus where there is an existing or valid Street Works Licence - Licensee to show proof of Licence.

An additional fee will apply in the case of an excavation longer than 200 metres, each length of 200 metres within the length of that excavation or the balance of such length. £201.00


A Bond Payment will be required on application to indemnify us against substandard workmanship. The bond will be based upon:

  • £30 per linear metre in verge 
  • £80/m in footway 
  • £100/m in carriageway

This fee will be released after 2 years if excavation is less than 1.5m deep, or 3 years if over 1.5m deep.

However, should the reinstatement works become defective within the warranty period, then the defect will need to be rectified and a further 12 month warranty period will be incurred.

Bond and fee payments must be kept separate. Cheques to be made payable to ‘Carmarthenshire county council’.

You must indemnify us against any claim in respect of injury, damage or loss arising out of the execution by any person of any works authorised by the consent. The indemnity provided by the policy should not be less than £5,000,000 for any one accident or any one claim. 

You must provide the following information on the application: 

  • Name of your insurance company 
  • Policy number 
  • Policy expiry date 
  • Employers liability policy information 
  • Public liability policy information 
  • Motor vehicle policy information 

Please submit the insurance certificate form following it's completion by your insurance company or broker together with your application.

You must include the following with the application: 

  • Insurance certificate
  • Copy of Site plan to a Scale not less than 1/500 showing the applicants property marked in Red and proposed works.
  • Copy of location plan to a scale not less than 1/1250 or 1/2500 or 1/10,000 showing location of site in relation to its surroundings
  • Bond and fee payments which must be kept separate.

Please allow a minimum of 28 days for the application to be processed.

For further details regarding this application please see our guidance notes

guidance notes (.pdf)  Download Application form (.pdf)