Statistics and trends

Page updated on: 13/11/2019

At the national level, tourism has been recognised by the Welsh Government as one of nine key sectors of the economy.

Tourism is a key component of Carmarthenshire’s economy and a major source of employment and revenue supporting over 6,176 full time equivalent jobs either directly or indirectly and generating over £441m revenue to the County’s economy annually.

Tourism, when planned and managed in a sustainable way, can stimulate wider benefits across the County. Visitor spending on accommodation, food and drink, leisure activities and shopping will support tourism and non-tourism business through local supply chains that are an intricate web of formal and informal networks that bring benefits to small, indigenous businesses that are that are the lifeblood of vibrant communities. Tourism touches businesses that other economic sectors cannot reach. A strong tourism industry and visitor economy will support a more prosperous economy overall and will help to sustain existing and create new jobs.

Total economic impact of tourism £M 441.80
% change on 2017 (£'s 2017) -2.1%
Total visitor days (Millions) 6.34
% change on 2017 -0.8%
Staying visitor days (Millions) 4.06
% change on 2017 -1.3%
Total visitor numbers (Millions) 3.28
% change on 2017 -1.1%
Number of staying visitors (Millions) 1.00
% change on 2017 -3.6%
Number of day visitors (Millions) 2.27
% change on 2017 0.1%
Number of FTE jobs supported by tourism spend 6,176
% change on 2017 -2.6%