Page updated on: 25/07/2019

The cycling market is now widely acknowledged as one of Wales’ most significant offers for tourism, benefiting from world class landscapes, heritage, attractions and facilities.

Economic Regeneration is at the heart of everything Carmarthenshire wants to do. Improving people’s health and wealth go hand in hand. Cycling can play a huge role in this. Carmarthenshire’s ambition is to become the ‘cycling hub of Wales’.

Bike shops, cycle clothing, cycle tourism, sportives, velothons, training and promotion, there is an ever growing plethora of goods and services being consumed by an ever growing army of cyclists. In the last 10 years cycling has grown from a cottage industry where bicycles and equipment were sold from small independent dealers, now cycle superstores sit proudly on our high street and Carmarthenshire now has a host of cycle friendly accommodation. If are interested in becoming a cycle friendly accommodation, Visit Wales have a cycle friendly accreditation scheme that you can apply for.

We have also created a handy Cycling tourism toolkit to help your business attract more cyclists.

The County attracted over 3.3 million visitors in 2017. Day trippers increased by 5.6% in 2017 and overnight visitors increased by 8% on 2016 levels. This generated over £4 million for the local economy.

Properly packaged and promoted the adventure and activity product will provide strong reasons for new and repeat visits to Carmarthenshire.

With an extensive 3,487 kilometres road network, the second longest in Wales and with the cycling market is growing rapidly and as demand rises, Carmarthenshire is taking advantage by providing new routes and facilities for potential visitors and has made significant developments in improving the opportunities for cyclists.