EU Settlement Scheme

Page updated on: 23/11/2020

Brexit has meant the UK Government has put in place a system for EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals and their family members to secure their right of residence in the UK. This system is called the EU Settlement Scheme.

If you have been in the UK for five years or more, you should be granted settled status. Settled status allows an individual to live and work in the UK indefinitely and will be lost only once an individual has been absent from the UK for five years.

If you have been in the UK for less than five years, you should be granted pre-settled status. This can be converted to settled status at the five-year point, provided that you have not had excessive absences from the UK during the five-year period.

All EEA and Swiss nationals and their non-European family members who reside in the UK on or before 31 December 2020 are able to apply for settled or pre-settled status.

The UK Government has provided a deadline for submitting an application of 30 June 2021. However, these dates may change and you should check UK Government Website for the latest information on how to apply and by when.

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