Body Worn Cameras

  • Consultation period: 02/09/2019 - 11/10/2019 ~ 16:00
  • Audience: All residents and / or all (Private) Business / Third Sector Organisations
  • Area: Countywide
  • Council department / service: Environment, Waste & Environmental Services

Why are we consulting

The Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) has issued a “Data Protection Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras and Personal Information”, and the Home Office has issued a “Surveillance Camera Code of Practice”. Both of these Codes recommend that a Privacy Impact Statement is carried out to ensure that the use of the cameras takes into account the effect on individuals and their privacy.

The council is therefore carrying out a formal consultation exercise to seek the views on the use of Body Worn Cameras by our enforcement officers, so that they can be taken into account as part of the preparation of our Privacy Impact Statement.

How to get involved

The Consultation mechanism will be undertaken by on-line questionnaire survey. Newsroom press releases, social media.

online survey

Next Steps

A report on the consultation feedback will be completed analysing the responses given as feedback on the use of Body Worn CCTV. The feedback will be fed into the Authority’s Privacy Impact Statement.

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