Carmarthenshire Equestrian Strategy Questionnaire

  • Consultation period: 21/06/2021 - 25/07/2021 ~ 23:59
  • Audience: All Carmarthenshire residents, Local Members, Community Councils, businesses in Carmarthenshire with equestrian activities/clients/customers, clubs/groups/organisations in Carmarthenshire with equestrian/public access interests and visitors to Carmarthenshire for equestrian activities
  • Area: Any Ward/area
  • Council department / service: Environment, Highways & Transport

Why are we consulting

We have made a commitment in the Carmarthenshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan to develop an Equestrian Strategy for the County.   To inform and shape the strategy we are looking for the views of the public, of groups, clubs and organisations, of local businesses and of elected representatives on current equestrian provision in the County. 

We want to collect the views of both equestrians and non-equestrians.  We would like to know about interests and experiences, what people enjoy, the opportunities they see and the barriers they face.

All of the information we collect will help us build a picture of equestrian demand and need in the County and to seize opportunities for equestrian development according to that need.

How to get involved

Have your say by taking part in the online survey. We advice that you use a laptop or PC.

Online survey

Next Steps

Data from questionnaires will be analysed to provide a picture of where equestrian access is satisfactory and where need exceeds provision.

It will be used identify the geography of equestrianism in the County, what benefits it brings to the County, where opportunities for enhancing provision might exist and whether existing resources are adequate to serve the needs of equestrians.
It is proposed that a draft strategy will be produced by Autumn 2021.

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