Carmarthenshire Museums Collections & Conservation Centre

  • Consultation period: 30/10/2019 - 06/12/2019 ~ 23:59
  • Audience: All residents and all private businesses / third-sector organisations.
  • Area: Any Ward / Area
  • Council department / service: Communities, Leisure

Why are we consulting

To understand public perception of Carmarthenshire County Council museum provision to inform service improvement generally and specifically the business case for a Collections and Conservation Centre (working name), which will be a new way for the public to visit, engage with and learn about stored museum collections. This process forms part of a wider consultation process awarded to Headland Design Associates and supervised by Carmarthenshire Museums. The purpose of this consultation exercise is to examine public opinion, define current users and non-users, and gather views and information on needs to inform and influence museum service development. 

How to get involved

A consultation plan has been developed between Headland Design Associates and Culture/Museum Service. The consultation period will run October-December 2019 and the proposed consultation mechanisms are:

  1. Online questionnaire available for 6 weeks;
  2. Questionnaires through face-to-face interviews in cultural/heritage settings, e.g. libraries, antique fairs, cultural events, and with historic societies and other heritage sector representatives;
  3. Sector specific consultation with schools (via Carmarthenshire County Council Education Service);
  4. Conservation/industry sector interviews by invitation.

Online Survey

Next Steps

The consultation outcome will include a report due for spring 2020. The consultation forms part of a wider set of data-gathering to test the proposal for an accessible and engaging museum store. 

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