Draft Local Development Order (LDO) – Carmarthen Town Centre

  • Consultation period: 12/01/2021 - 26/02/2021 ~ 12:00
  • Audience: Residents, businesses, visitors, statutory consultees and any interested parties.
  • Area: Carmarthen Town Centre
  • Council department / service: Environment, Planning Services

Why are we consulting

Whilst the Adopted LDP sets a strong policy direction for retail within Carmarthenshire, the challenges facing retail centres particularly as evidence through Covid-19 requires the planning process to adopt a flexible and responsive approach in ensuring our town centres are viable and vibrant.   

In this respect it is essential that Carmarthen is able to respond positively to the changes arising from Covid-19. There is potential to review and develop an effective strategy to promote uses to complement the town centres. With the inevitable economic effects that accompany COVID-19, the adoption of the LDO will streamline the planning process and encourage ongoing and new investment in the town centre.

The LDO can seek to address the number of vacant retail units in the town centre.  The potential contribution that a shift in planning policy could make to facilitating investment and helping in incentivising development is noted. 

Further to the above, the LDO acknowledges a shifting role for the town centre to that of a destination and living environment as well as a retail centre. It seeks to introduce a permissive planning regime that would allow specified changes of use to take place without the applicant having to apply for planning permission.

How to get involved

Online survey

Next Steps

All duly made representations, along with officer responses, will be reported to Council with a view to adopting the LDO.

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