Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Consultation

  • Consultation period: 17/02/2023 ~ 09:00 - 14/04/2023 ~ 16:30
  • Audience: All residents, businesses and organisations.
  • Area: Any Ward / Area.
  • Council department / service: Place and Infrastructure, Planning Services

Why are we consulting

Under the Habitats Regulations, the Council is required to assess whether the Revised Local Development Plan (rLDP) is likely to have a significant effect on the integrity of any European Site alone or in combination with other plans and projects. This mandatory process is known as a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), and it is undertaken throughout the preparation of the rLDP.

This latest consultation on the HRA Addendum Report responds to the issue of Phosphates, in addition to the screening of amendments made to the rLDP since the publication of HRA Report.

Previous consultations have been conducted upon the HRA Screening Report and the HRA Report, however, as part of this consultation, we continue to welcome responses on the latter.

We are keen to receive feedback from all interested parties.

How to get involved

Please take part by completing this online survey.

Online survey

Note that your submission cannot be treated as confidential, and all submissions will be made available for public inspection. Our privacy notice explains what we do with your personal data.

Next Steps

Following consultation, the appropriate report will be reviewed in light of responses received to best inform the HRA of the Adopted rLDP.

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