Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) Consultation

  • Consultation period: 17/02/2023 ~ 09:00 - 14/04/2023 ~ 16:30
  • Audience: All residents, businesses and organisations.
  • Area: Any Ward / Area
  • Council department / service: Place and Infrastructure, Planning Services

Why are we consulting

The ISA Report considers the social, economic, and environmental effects of the Deposit Revised Local Development Plan (rLDP).

It incorporates several statutory requirements into a single document which enables a more transparent and holistic assessment of the sustainability implications of the proposals contained in the rLPD.

It features the joint Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), alongside a Welsh Language Impact Assessment (WLIA), an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA), elements of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Local and National Well-being Goals, and other considerations related to the environment including NRW’s Area Statement and the Section 6 Duty (to maintain and enhance biodiversity, and promote the resilience of ecosystems).

We are keen to receive feedback from all interested parties.

How to get involved

Please take part by completing this online survey.

Online survey

Note that your submission cannot be treated as confidential, and all submissions will be made available for public inspection. Our privacy notice explains what we do with your personal data.

Next Steps

Following consultation, the ISA Report will then be reviewed in light of responses received to inform the ISA of the Adopted rLDP.

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