Invitation for Sand and Gravel Sites - Revised Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (2018 – 2033)

  • Consultation period: 12/12/2018 - 08/02/2019 ~ 17:00
  • Audience: All residents, businesses and third-sector organisations
  • Area: Carmarthenshire
  • Council department / service: Environment, Planning Services

Why are we consulting

In order to meet national planning policy requirements concerning mineral provision as set out in Planning Policy Wales, the Revised Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) will need to identify sites and areas for future mineral extraction in the County. We are therefore inviting individuals/companies and other interested parties to propose sites for the extraction of sand and gravel for inclusion within the LDP.

How to get involved

You can contact us for a paper copy of the survey by phoning 01267 228818 or email. Alternatively, hard copies of the survey are also available from the Council’s Customer Services Centres and Public Libraries.

online survey

Next Steps

The feedback will be utilised to inform the selection of sites for inclusion or otherwise within the LDP. The responses will be published as a register in due course and the successful sites incorporated into the Deposit LDP will be published at the end of 2019.